Welcome to the Slam Studio

In the heart of the “Valle del Salto”, just a 50-minute drive from Rome,
the Slam Studio provides services such as recording, mixing and mastering

The facility is situated on a unique location, surrounded by green, in a quiet and silent atmosphere, which offers you the chance to record in total relax, at all hours of the day and night. What distinguishes our studio is the chance to enjoy every step of the process, thanks to the loft located on the upper floor, where musicians can find accommodation, without having to move to the nearby city, thus avoiding traffic jams.

The space was studied and created in cooperation with Mas Acoustics and is designed to ensure an excellent sound performance and a comfy living environment. That’s because we believe that, in order to obtain the best possible result, you not only need the best technical support, but you also need other important aspects, such as performances, arrangements, the performer’s state of mind and the work environment.In our studio you will find constantly updated professional equipment and skilled sound engineers with technical experience, who will make sure all recordings and mixings are authentic and personal. Contact us and tell us about your needs and preferences and we will send you a free estimate and book an appointment at the studio.

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